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Marshmallow Collection Clamshell

Marshmallow Collection Clamshell

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16 hearts infused with marshmallow fragrances 

Marshmallow & English Strawberry ~ 

A sweet and fruity accord with fresh English strawberries laid upon a delicate bed of fluffy marshmallow. 

Marshmallow & Manuka Honey ~ 

A sweet and sugar accord with lashings of manuka honey delicately encased in a marshmallow crust. 

Marshmallow & Madagascan Vanilla ~ Caramelised sugar, cocoa and Madagascan vanilla drizzle in to a fluffy marshmallow base for a truly rich accord.

Marshmallow & PassionFruit ~ 

A fruity fragrance with dominant notes of exotic passionfruit puree, hints of mango and a heart of peach. The core is a passionfruit liqueur which is encapsulated by marshmallow notes. 

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